The calisthenics community versus the FITNESSKIT athletes. Live on YouTube.
First round - Round of 16 - Saturday 24 April - 7pm - Live on YouTube
FITNESSKIT vs Calisthenics Community
What is it about?

The STATIC STRENGTH BATTLE is an online competition. Workouts are performed on the STATIC STRENGTH BAR or a comparable mobile bar at waist level. In a tournament system, athletes from the FITNESSKIT team compete against athletes from the calisthenics community from around the world. We will start with 32 athletes. Each round will be streamed live on YouTube.

Mark your calendars!
These are the dates

Next Round: Round of 16 | Saturday 4/24 | 7pm
⅛ Finals | Saturday 5/1 | 7pm
¼ Finals | Saturday 5/8 | 7pm
½ Finals | Saturday 5/15 | 7pm
Finals | Saturday 5/22 | 7pm

And what is the prize?

Total prizes worth over 1,500€ are at stake. There are a total of 10 prizes to be won. These consist of prize money and shopping vouchers. There will also be a community vote to choose the public's favorite.

How do we judge?

The jury decides on the basis of 5 criteria. These include:

Pull | Push | Balance | Combination | Creativity

The first round will take place on Saturday, 24.04. at 7pm.

The jury and the organizers

Static Strength Battle


Let the games begin. It all starts on Saturday, April 24 at 8pm. Live on YouTube. Be there!

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