We want to give you the perfect training experience. That's why we offer many accessories and add-ons to customize our products for you and your workout.

Ceiling clamp

With the ceiling clamp you fix products like the CUBE KIT, the CUBEKIT mini or the BASIC STRENGTH BAR between floor and ceiling. This gives you maximum stability. For dynamic exercises, we strongly recommend the ceiling clamp.

To the ceiling clamp
High Bar

With the High Bar you can extend CUBE KIT and CUBE KIT mini even higher. You can mount the pull-up bar with the High Bar at a height of 2.30 meters. So you can start pull-ups even hanging, hang rings and much more.

To the High Bar
Additional bars, handles and other parts

With all products, of course, we already supply bars and handles. But you can order more in addition to be able to train exactly as you want it. Make sure that there are bars and handles in different thicknesses and partly also in different lengths. The thicker bars and handles are suitable for pressing exercises such as dips. The thinner bars and handles for pulling exercises such as pull-ups are suitable.

Dip bars

You need extra dip bars? No problem. You can order the slightly thicker bars in addition.

To the dip bars

If the handles supplied with a product are not sufficient for you, you can order handles in addition.

To the handles

Bailbars are curved handles. You can attach them anywhere you want - horizontally or vertically.

To the bailbars
Pull-up bars

In addition to the thicker dip bars, you can of course also order the thinner bars for exercises such as pull-ups extra.

To the pull-up bars

With additional rungs you can e.g. build a rung ladder with the CUBE KIT or CUBE KIT mini and upgrade your training.

To the rung

The Multifix is the perfect accessory if you want to attach accessories such as sling trainers so that absolutely nothing moves.

To the Multifix
Train the way you want

Calisthenics and bodyweight training thrives on freedom and ease. You should not adapt to the equipment - but the equipment to you. With our accessories you can fulfill every conceivable training desire.

High quality

We know how important stability and a secure feeling are for the training experience and progress. We want you to have a good feeling during all exercises. We construct all products very professionally and use materials from the industry. The training equipment should never and will never determine your limits.