The story of FITNESSKIT

And the people behind it.

The Story Behind FITNESSKIT

As the first workout equipment manufacturer fully focused on the needs of the calisthenics community and the mission to bring the "street workout" to the athletes' homes, the FITNESSKIT brand was launched in 2014 by Tobias Baumeister. With German engineering skills and a deep understanding of the needs of calisthenics athletes, a product portfolio was created that inspires both beginners and professional athletes.

In 2020, we, Maxim Ebers and Johannes Ellenberg, took over the company from Tobias Baumeister and set out to complete the mission he started.

"To provide athletes with the best equipment for training with their own body weight at home and to support them ideally in achieving their goals".

In addition, we have a great vision for this sport and the athlete community. We want Calisthenics and training with your own bodyweight, to get the attention it deserves and be made accessible to even more people.

Maxim brings his experience as a studied engineer and personal trainer and Johannes his entrepreneurial know-how as an experienced entrepreneur and business angel. Both are enthusiastic athletes who are fully committed to the philosophy behind calisthenics.

Our values


To strive to become better, to grow, to develop ourselves, our company and our sport, is in our nature and is our motivation at the same time.


Cultivating togetherness, connecting people and cultures, highlighting similarities and achieving more together, is our goal.


"Being on fire" for what we do, passionately following our calling and inspiring others in the process is our top priority.


Taking the consequences of our actions upon ourselves, as well as taking full responsibility for our own success, is consistent with our mindset.


Firm belief in ourselves and our abilities, as well as those of the people around us, sustains us and empowers us and others to excel.


To live a life that makes body, soul and spirit thrive, and to contribute so that as many people as possible can achieve this, is our mission.


We. We are many. We are everywhere. In every street, every park and every house. Individuals who share a common goal: Growth.

We. We are like a family. Passionate about the Calisthenics lifestyle and what it makes us: athletes.

We. We are a community.

A few words from the CEO

"I have spent a lot of time as a personal trainer in recent years. Training with my own body weight has always been the foundation for me. In my opinion, it is the foundation of a healthy and stable body. That's how calisthenics and I came together some time ago. With FITNESSKIT I have completely dedicated myself to this sport. And best of all, the journey has only just begun." - Maxim

Promoter of Calisthenics

We see great potential in this unique sport. Calisthenics is growing steadily. We want to push it even further. To that end, we have many exciting things planned for the future. Also together with the German Calisthenics Association. Stay tuned!