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The CUBE KIT is the king of calisthenics training equipment. On the CUBE KIT you can train every exercise imaginable. Without compromises. You can also completely customize the CUBE KIT to suit you and your training. You can place all bars and handles as you need them. And with additional extensions, there are no more limits to your training.

  • Delivery time 3-10 working days within Germany.
  • Delivery time 7-21 working days outside Germany.


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1 training device for over 100 exercises
The all-in-one training device

We wanted to offer ourselves and all calisthenics athletes the perfect solution. A training device that lets us train everything in the smallest area. That was the birth of the CUBE KIT. Over five years ago.

A whole calisthenics park for the home

For normal people, it's just a two-by-two-meter cube. For calisthenics athletes, it's love at first sight.

Alex Berinskyy - @bar_in_sky
Feedback from the German Champion

"The CUBE KIT offers everything I know from a calisthenics park. The bars have the right diameter and are super from the grip. The CUBE KIT is extremely stable and never shakes. But what I like best is that I can adjust everything to me: Any height and width. Perfect!"

The advantages of the CUBE KIT

Fully individual

You can adjust the CUBE KIT seamlessly and individually to you. For all other training needs, we have our accessories. You can see that below.

Incredibly stable

The numerous bars and stiffeners make the CUBE KIT super stable without anchoring. The materials are also designed for very high loads.

Easy to assemble

The CUBE KIT is very simple in assembly. Four profiles form the base. All profiles and bars are fixed with two angles and four screws respectively.

Customer testimonials

After a few minutes of assembly, the now much-used sports equipment stood in my apartment. The size, as well as the coating of the bars is ingenious....even for small women's hands ;-)


Very good built quality and perfect for workout at home.

Size, weight and scope of delivery

The exact dimensions of the CUBE KIT are: LxWxH 185 x 197 x 197

The weight ready for shipment (including packaging) is 120kg

Scope of delivery (bars and handles):

2 bars for pulling exercises with 34mm diameter

3 bars for pressing exercises with 42mm diameter

4 handles - 2 with 34mm diameter and 2 with 42mm diameter 

Accessories for the CUBE KIT

Ceiling clamps

With the ceiling clamp you fix the CUBE KIT between the floor and ceiling. This gives you maximum stability. For many dynamic exercises, we strongly recommend the ceiling tensioner.

To the ceiling clamp
High Bar

With the High Bar you can extend the CUBE KIT further to the top. The pull-up bar you can mount with the High Bar at a height of 2.30 meters. So you can start pull ups even hanging, hang rings and much more.

To the High Bar
Additional bars

You need more bars than are included? No problem. You can easily order additional bars.

To the bars
Additional handles

If the handles supplied with a product are not enough for you, you can order additional handles as you wish.

To the handles

Bailbars are the curved handles. You can attach them at any point - horizontally or vertically - on the CUBE KIT.

To the Bailbars

Du hast Fragen zum CUBE KIT?

Vereinbare einfache einen für dich passenden Termin mit unserem Gründer Maxim.

The founder introduces the CUBE KIT.

Made in Germany

All our products are developed, designed and produced in Germany. We want athletes to have fun with our equipment for a long time. The materials we use are designed for the industry and therefore incredibly stable and durable.

Member of the German Calisthenics and Streetlifting Association.
We live Calisthenics.

We are the only supplier totally dedicated to the sport of Calisthenics. Calisthenics is in our DNA and in the DNA of our products. You can see and feel that. We listen to feedback from the calisthenics community and are constantly developing the products.