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The COMPACT KIT offers you the possibility to perform both pushing and pulling exercises. In the smallest space and with maximum stability. The community has asked for this again and again - now we are finally fulfilling this wish. Of course you can adjust the height of the bar or the bailbars of the COMPACT KIT as you like it.

  • Delivery time 3-10 working days within Germany.
  • Delivery time 7-21 working days outside Germany.
Push. Pull. Support. Hang.
From dips to muscle ups. All in one.

We were asked again and again:

"Can you not offer a compact training device on which I can do pushing and pulling exercises?"

Besides CUBE KIT and CUBE KIT mini, we still had nothing to offer for this desire. Until now.

What makes the COMPACT KIT

Compact and versatile

We finally wanted to create a training device that allows the two basic disciplines in a small space: pushing and pulling. Also, like our entire line, we designed the COMPACT KIT so that you can customize the training device to fit you. You can do an entire workout on a small, compact piece of training equipment. Without compromise.

Stable and resilient

The additional struts and the long profiles on the bottom make the COMPACT KIT very stable. At the same time, the COMPACT KIT is incredibly resilient: a total load of 200kg is no problem. So even dips and pull-ups with additional weight are possible without hesitation. The materials are also weatherproof and therefore suitable for outdoor use.

Size, weight and scope of delivery

The exact dimensions of the COMPACT KIT are: LxWxH 115 x 112 x 221

The weight ready for shipment (including packaging) is 38kg.

Scope of delivery and diameter of the bar and bailbars:

1 bar for pulling exercises with 34mm diameter

1 pair of bailbars for pressing exercises with 34mm diameter

For total stability
The matching accessories - ceiling clamps

Tighten your COMPACT KIT between the ceiling and the floor. This provides maximum stability. If you like to train dynamic exercises, we highly recommend the ceiling clamp!


The founder introduces the Compact Kit.

Made in Germany

All our products are developed, designed and produced in Germany. We want athletes to have fun with our equipment for a long time. The materials we use are designed for the industry and therefore incredibly stable and durable.

We believe in Calisthenics.

We are the only supplier totally dedicated to the sport of Calisthenics. Calisthenics is in our DNA and in the DNA of our products. You can see and feel that. We listen to feedback from the calisthenics community and are constantly developing the products.